The roots and effects of Americas debate over science and religion

America has a never-ending debate over science and religion. No side has ever conceded the opinion of the other one. In fact, no one would ever say that they are wrong. Debates over science and religion have originated way back during the 17th century. People would state their case and see which has a better answer and solution - religion or science. Each has provided their own conclusions and explanations, but neither side has ever given up. This debate continues to go on for centuries, mainly because of the roots of the issues.

Roots of America’s Debate over Science and Religion


The debate has begun because everyone has their free will to state their opinions. Because of the free will, everyone is entitled to, listening and understanding have been lacking in the discussions. With this, everyone may say what they believe in and sometimes, not understanding what the others say.


In reality, the ideals and beliefs of science and religion are always incompatible. This triggers the debate among people supporting their own opinions. The beliefs and ideals in religion do not match what science says, which is why debates have been common when these two are discussed.

Opposite Points

Science and religion have opposing concepts and ideals. This makes everything debatable between them. For the supporters of both sides, there will be no way that the two could meet in between.
Though the debates have lessened today, there are still opinions and explanations that create arguments and opposition. These debates have been going on for centuries and still cannot be resolved. People who support science and its ideals cannot give in to the ideals of people supporting religion and vice versa. This is the main reason why discussions still happen to this day and the continuous debates have caused effects on society.

Effects of American Debate over Science and Religion


The debates can create confusion, especially among the younger generation. The points stated by both sides will be a puzzle in the minds of some people who have not yet decided which one to believe in.


Whenever discussions and opposition happen, there is a possibility of arguments among the groups. Arguments are good if their aim is to give information.


There seems to be an invisible line between people supporting religion and those believing science. And this creates that separation over the years.
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